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These stackable steel weights are fantastic for ballasting any marquee. The are also suitable for any other styles of shelters, including pagodas, worktents etc.


The Weights are inter-locking and stackable when dictated by adverse weather conditions.


Designed with a built-in grip for easy handling. They can also be used to anchor flags when using cross-bases on hard-standing.


These weights are stackable so more than one can be used per leg. Each weight is 12kg.


We sell them individually so you need to buy whatever quantity you want for your marquee. ie for a 4 leg marquee you should buy in quantities of 4 (4,8 etc depending how many you want for each leg). For a 6 leg marquee you should buy in quantities of 6. (6,12 etc)



Size: 25cm x 25cmWeight (each): 12kg

Marquee STACKABLE STEEL weights

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