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We offer two great temporary flooring products

Speedy Ezi-tread 

This breathable carpet / groundsheet is an easy and cost effective way to provide a temporary floor surface where you wish to protect grass or just need to cover up a concrete etc hard surface.
Simply roll it out. Peg it if on soft ground. It is of close-weave construction so allows grass to breath.
Easy clean, just hose it down and leave to dry !
Available in 2 sizes.
for 3x2, 3x3 size marquees order 3m x 3m size £75
for 4.5x3, 6x3 size marquees order 6m x 3m size £120

Available to BUY NOW

Rola-Trac temporary flooring system

Contact us for quote

We now offer a high quality portable hard flooring solution! 
ROLA-TRAC Flooring is injection moulded from high impact plastic, rectangular panels are linked by a unique hinging joint. 
ROLA-TRAC Flooring is fully recyclable.

Can be deployed over most surfaces (grass, sand, soil, snow, gravel, concrete & tarmac)
Disperses heavy loads on firm surfaces such as grass to minimise traffic impact and damage
Compresses top of surfaces to provide a stable traffic area
Manufactured from high impact material that gives it superb strength
The material gives the panels a high temperature stability and safe operating range
Extremely light and portable
Material specific standard of fire retardant
A non-slip and non-reflective surface for pedestrian safety


The hinges are designed to minimise 'wave effect' allowing safe wheelchair use
Ideal solution for event flooring
Symmetrical to allow 'offset' and 'right-angle' joints
Simple operation requires NO special skills OR TOOLS!
Each panel drains, dispersing excess fluid from the surface
The canopy under each panel allows your grass to survive happily for long periods
Can be deployed over most surfaces (grass, sand, soil, snow, gravel, concrete & tarmac)

Price (subject to quantity) from: £24.95+VAT / sqm.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and get a quotation.
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