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Weights & Tie-down

Whilst all of our marquees are weatherproof and come INCLUDED with (at the minimum) a set of pegs and guys, it is IMPERATIVE that you have additional protection to suit windier conditions if you wish to use the marquee in all seasons.
There are basically two methods to do this.
Ballasting the marquee - adding weight on top of the "feet" on the bottom of each leg.
Tethering the marquee - adding additional / heavier duty straps and suitable ground fixings to hold the structure down.
Ground bars can also help add extra stability to any marquee.


ANY kind of weight applied on top of the footplates will help to ballast the marquee against the wind.
This is also the method which should be used when the marquee is being setup on tarmac or any other location where ground fixing of straps etc cannot be successfully achieved.
We offer 3 products for this purpose.

TIE DOWN KITS for tethering

Ballasting the marquee adds overall stability and stops the structure from being blown sideways. However on soft ground ie where a ground fixing can be achieved TETHERING the marquee with heavy straps attached to a sturdy ground fixing works even better.
By grabbing the underside of the roof mechanism and anchoring that directly to a ground fixing you will protect the marquee better against the wind and considerably reduce the amount of lateral movement (buffeting) of the frame by the wind.
This can be done with ANY sturdy strap attached to ANY good ground fixing. Your speedy-marquee will come with at least a set of regular pegs and guys. We offer two additional products which are more study and easier/quicker/safer to use (reduced trip hazard etc).
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